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Our finance department is your best resource to learn more about financing or leasing your next Jaguar in Ottawa. Let Jaguar Ottawa's team of financial experts work to help you understand your payment plans and find the one that's best for you

Some people are skeptical because they don't understand how leasing works. With full disclosure, there are no hidden costs or additional expenses that you wouldn't know about. This is why leasing a Jaguar vehicle may actually be a better option for some, compared to financing one until they receive full ownership of the vehicle.


  • You only have to pay tax for the part you use, not the entire car.
  • You don't have to pay the cost of depreciation, even in collisions. This is because of the low-commitment nature of leasing a vehicle.
  • You have the opportunity to reassess your purchasing decision and see whether or not you want to drive a different Jaguar model, once you hit the 36 or 48 month mark of your lease.
  • You gain a brand-new warranty again if you switch to a different Jaguar model after your specified payment term.
  • Your time driving the car will often finish prior to expensive or non-warranty services or maintenance coming due on your vehicle.
  • The extra cost of outright purchasing a car only costs 50% because the other half is residualized from leasing the vehicle.
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